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Rhino Coffee Table

Rhino Coffee Table

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The Rhino Coffee Table embodies a captivating fusion of three core principles: environmental responsibility, ethnic inspiration, and organic design. Drawing inspiration from distant lands, this exceptional coffee table showcases a version that is simultaneously radical and organic, creating a unique piece that celebrates the harmony between humans and nature.

The table's design is heavily influenced by the graceful curves and roundness found in the natural world. Its form pays homage to the gentle contours of the environment, seamlessly blending the table's structure with the inherent beauty of the surroundings.

Whether placed in a living room, lounge, or office, the Rhino Coffee Table makes a bold statement. It serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modern design and the natural world, encapsulating the beauty of organic shapes and materials. With its extraordinary blend of environmental responsibility, ethnic inspiration, and organic design, this coffee table stands as a symbol of both aesthetic appeal and conscious living.

Please Note, Our handcrafted wooden products are designed to breathe with the seasons, so don't be surprised if you notice some delightful changes in their appearance due to natural shifts in humidity. It's all part of the wood's unique character.

Dimensions (Cms)

W100 x D40 x H42


Mango Wood

Product Finish

Walnut Finish

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3-4 Weeks

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