Our Story

Once upon a time, homes were rich with character, intricate details, and told stories about generations of family history. Today’s modern world however, looks quite different, doesn’t it? Now you walk into your average home and find just that – average looking, mass produced furniture that has little to say about its home or its history.

That’s why we created Lakkadhaara.

There’s just something about the past that has always enchanted us and we wanted to create a space where people could find quality home furnishings filled with character that both tell a story and invoke the charm and romance of times past. You might find a little fusion of old and new too!

We believe that every home has a story.

Whether you’re looking to begin your story, add to it, or start fresh, Lakkadhaara is here to help you craft a beautiful one that will speak for generations to come. 

We operate through the lens of four distinct tenets.

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A Story In Every Piece

A stranger at a hotel bar. A spontaneous trip to Jaipur. A friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. No matter what, every single Lakkadhaara piece & project comes with a tale or two—separating us from the standard boxed-in DTC narrative.

Quality, Always

Quality relationships. Quality materials. Our global approach to sourcing means we can find the absolute best materials—and the absolute best people—to create with them.

Furnishing The Future

Furniture brings people to places and places to people. Every month we donate Lakkadhaara furniture to spaces that need them—and do everything we can to share their story in the process.

Transparency In Our Process

From mood boards to delivery, we’re proud of our process. We strive to pull back the curtain on everything we do, giving everyone insight into the “why” and “how” of all-things.