Coffee Tables


Carved Wooden Co...

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Albany Coffee Ta...

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Book Coffee Table

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Leeva Coffee Table

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Lycia Coffee Tab...

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Albi Solid Wood ...

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Albi Solid Wood ...

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Athena Coffee Table

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The solid wood coffee table can be found in a variety of styles and finishes in Elegant,  and sturdy natural material is the highlight of the range. Our assortment of coffee tables features a wooden center/coffee table, marble coffee table, metal coffee table, industrial coffee table to pick from.

We use the best solid wood material to manufacture solid wood coffee tables. Center Tables are made from solid Sheesham wood, Mango Wood, Acacia wood, Marble, Iron, etc.

Coffee Table Online

Entertaining guests at home is a tradition. Neighbors, friends, and relatives usually drop by as part of the tapestry of our family lives. The living room is the place where everyone is welcomed and formal and informal meetings take place. It is important to get the interiors of your living room right as it’s the first highlight point and makes an impression.

A coffee table is a low table made to be placed in a sitting room for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books (particularly large, illustrated coffee table books), decorative items, and other tiny items.


Buy Solid Wood Coffee Tables Online

It is the protagonist's furniture piece in the living room. Lakkadhaara offers an electric range of solid wood center tables which allows the user to multi-task. The tea tables are durable, high quality, and available in multiple modern finishing to complete the look and feel of your interior space.


Evolution Of Coffee Tables

The tea table or coffee table was made its first appearance in the 1650s when coffee houses became popular in London. It was meant as a furniture piece where people can keep their coffee mugs during a chit 1938, a formal definition of the center table was available which stated it as a “low wide table used before a sofa or a couch”.The purpose and use of the tea table haven’t changed much today since early times and has become an extension of one’s personality and highlight piece in defining room interiors.

In the early 19th century, it was made in a popular revivalist style like Louis XVI and Georgian style. With an increase in the availability of television units in the late 1950s, it came into existence as they were low enough o keep cups and glasses on them without obstructing the view of the television. A similar use of coffee table was recorded in the ancient Greek era as well followed by the Roman conquest of North-East Africa.


Why Solid Wood Coffee Table Is Important?

A low height table is essential both in terms of versatility and functionality in the living room. Considering, the living room is the most important part of the house, guests step first into space and the interiors define the personality of the homeowners and create the first impression. Centre Coffee tables are used as gathering places for television controls, magazines, flower vases glasses, photo frames, and candles. Tea tables can be used while having dinners or serving drinks during formal and informal gatherings. The low-cost coffee table has ten to one, evolved in terms of functionality over time.


What are the types of Coffee Tables available online?

Center tables with storage and without storage are the new trend in the furniture industry. Modern homes have limited space and need smart furniture which can be used for multipurpose. With storage, coffee tables are available with open shelves, little drawers, and a mix of open and closed storage. One can choose any design which blends well with the interior finish of the living room with easy to maintain and easy to keep dust-free solution.

Coffee tables are available in different finishes like wooden, stone, marble, glass top, and framework in wood, mild steel, brass, etc. You can buy a coffee table online with comfort and ease.

Coffee tables / Center Tables are available in nesting combinations for more collaborative spaces for easy movement. Wooden coffee tables are available in contemporary, traditional, and vintage styles. Wooden coffee tables guarantee longevity, durability, and strength. Glass top coffee table offers a clear vision and focus. It adds a layer of transparency in the décor space. Metal tables are rougher, collaborative, and define the space as lighter, rustic, and youthful feel.

You can choose the type of coffee table depending upon the look and feel of your sofa/couch in the space. If you have a sectional or L shaped sofa, go for a round or square coffee table that fits well in place.

Here is some categorized type of coffee tables:

Oval coffee table

- Oval tables offer a great balance of form and function. They offer good walking space and ample storage space on the top.

Rectangular coffee table

- Rectangular tables are more modern and chicer and blend well in contemporary straight-line interior décor.

Round coffee tables

- Round tables are very friendly as it allows easy conversations with no end corners. They are safe for kids and pet-friendly houses.

Square coffee tables

- Square tables offer a nice symmetric look to the living room. Square is the most practical shape for the table and is available both with and without storage.

Ottomans Coffee Tables

- Ottoman tables are perfect for opulent houses. It works perfectly as a table as well as a footrest. One can match the fabric or leather upholstery of the center table with the couch/sofa and bind it well into an interesting story.

Nesting Coffee tables

- Nesting coffee table offers extra space and multiple configurations in the space. They offer a retro vibe and is very helpful during house parties and additional guests in the house for serving and displaying.

One of its kind coffee table

Some tables work as art pieces in the interior space. The installation is perfect for modern art collectors and it merges art with function, producing a unique design with a strong ability to enhance the interiors space with statement-making potential.

Tray coffee tables

With trays is an ingenious combination of two made for each other companions and encourages to keep things tidy. They are user friendly and offer a practical application in terms of functionality. The addition of castor wheels offers a relaxed art studio style perfect for small spaces.


Things to remember before purchasing a coffee table online:

Ideally, the table should not exceed 2/3rd of the length of the sofa and should be the same height as the side tables. Small tables are good when the seating arrangement is intimate or there is not enough space. Large tables are convenient in larger or bigger spaces to avoid too many furniture pieces in the same room.


How to select the best coffee table online?

Choosing a perfect center table for your home is very important. The low height is often centrally located and serves a very practical purpose in the living room. It gives character and typically holds personal items and décor accents reflecting the personality of the homeowners. Here are some quick tips which will help you choose the right one for your home

- Before you opt for it, think about its functionality and who will the prime user be? If it will be used only for welcoming guests, opt for decorative art pieces. In the case of daily use, opt for a table with storage, etc.

- It should be proportionate to the size of your sofa. It should be 2/3rd the size of the sofa. The height should be even with the height of the sofa, give or take a few inches.

- Think of the best shape that goes perfectly with your living room layout. If you have kids or pets opt for the round or oval shape.

- Tea tables are available in multiple designs and styles like formal, informal, modern, and vintage look and feel. if you are looking for a contemporary look in the house, opt for a sleek metal frame with a glass top. The rustic wooden coffee table has a very vintage countryside charm, while the round table is perfect for small family gatherings.

- It is essential to choose the right size and proportion of the table concerning other furniture in the room.

- Check out the material and finishes before you buy a coffee table. It should marry well with other interior finishes of the room as well as with other furniture pieces in the same space.

- If you are looking for more visual space, opt for a clear glass top coffee table to keep the focus on your décor display

- If the idea of mixing décor accessories and books isn’t your style, opt for one statement piece to complete the living room design

- It is always a good idea to stick to a single color as it highlights the upholstery and other soft finishes to the room’s monochromatic pallet.

- If the other furniture in the living room is bulky and heavy, go for a lighter Tea table to balance out space.

- The price point can range from ultra-expensive to very budget-friendly. So, before you start shopping, break your budget to table, accessories, and styling and those your table accordingly to curate your centerpiece perfectly.

Lakkadhaara offers a wide range of solid wood coffee tables in multiple styles, finishes, and designs to cater to the needs of multiple customers and help you build beautiful stories.