Guarantee / Warranty Policies

Lakkadhaara assures the quality of our furniture products, guaranteeing that they are free from any defects in materials and craftsmanship. The specific warranty periods vary depending on the type of product and are valid from the date of delivery, as outlined below:

Type and Warranty Coverage:

- Sofas, Sofas with Adjustable Headrests, Armchairs, Beds, Storage Beds, Sofa Beds, Daybeds, Ottomans:

 - Frame structure: 5 Year Limited Warranty

 - Soft furnishings (Foam, fiber fillings, feathers, fabric covers, stitching, leather): 1 Year Limited Warranty

 - Other components (zips, fasteners, springs, suspension, legs, and movable mechanisms): 1 Year Limited Warranty

- Dining Chairs: 5 Year Limited Warranty

- TV Cabinetry, Sideboards, Dining Tables, Bookcases, Chest of Drawers, Free Standing Shelving: 5 Year Limited Warranty

- Wooden Bed Frames: 5 Year Limited Warranty

- Lighting and other Electrical Accessories: 1 Year Limited Warranty

- Issues related to comfort choice (e.g., too firm or too soft, which is subjective and not a manufacturing fault)

- Mirrors and Wall Arts: 1 Year Limited Warranty


To initiate a warranty claim, please contact us at and provide images of the defects along with your order number.


The following limitations and exceptions apply to this warranty:

 - Proper care and appropriate usage are essential to maintain your warranty coverage. The warranty becomes void if your Lakkadhaara product is damaged due to harsh cleansers, abrasive agents, or inappropriate cleaning substances.

 - This warranty does not cover damage resulting from neglect, misuse, normal wear and tear, or accidents, including but not limited to burns, cuts, scratches, tears, dents, discolouration, or damage caused by household pets.

 - This warranty is not applicable for products used outdoors unless explicitly stated otherwise.

 - Any alterations made to the product by the customer or unauthorised entities will void this warranty.

 - This warranty is only valid for products directly purchased from Lakkadhaara.

 - Lakkadhaara's decision on all matters related to claims of defects in workmanship or materials is final and binding. The decision to repair or replace is at the sole discretion of Lakkadhaara.

 - Items that are repaired or replaced under this warranty will remain covered by the original warranty for the remaining duration of the warranty period.

 - The warranty covers manufacturing defects identified within the warranty period, including the cost of materials, replacement parts, labor, and shipping expenses.

 - Individual comfort preferences are not considered manufacturing faults.

 - For manufacturing defects identified after the warranty period, the cost of materials, replacement parts, labor, and shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the customer.

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