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Solid Wood Furniture Color Finish Guide - Natural, Honey & Walnut Finish

Buying solid wood furniture online is always very confusing. You may select your favorite furniture online by looking at the photos of the product, but do you know what are those color finishes which are mentioned on every online furniture store in india? May be some of you may have knowledge about those furniture color finishes but many online furniture shoppers don't know about those color finishes.

Today, We'll be providing you a full guide on Natural, Honey and Walnut color finish of solid wood furniture. In this guide we're going to explain you about Natural, honey and walnut color finish so that you don't get confused while purchasing any solid wood furniture online form any online furniture store. So let's start our solid wood furniture finish guide.

What is Solid Wood and how it is different from Engineered Wood?

Before getting into the color finishes of Solid Wood, Let's talk about, What is Solid Wood? Solid wood is a most common term used to distinguish between lumber and engineered wood. Solid wood is a piece of wood that has been cut from tree and solid wood furniture is the final product which has been made from piece of wood after giving shape to it by joining different pieces of wood. 

Engineered Wood is also known as Man-made Wood. As the name Man-made wood defines that this type of wood is Human made. Engineered wood is made of from the left-over pieces of solid wood like saw dust, wood fibers, resin, wood particles etc. 

We'll make a different blog post about Difference between solid wood and engineered wood, so that you can get in-depth information about solid wood and engineered wood.

Color Finishes in Solid Wood

There are many types of color finishes in which a solid wood furniture can be finished. In this guide, We will be explaining only 3 types of color finishes Natural Color Finish, Honey Color Finish and Walnut Color finish.

1. Natural Color Finish

Natural finish is the lightest color finish available in Solid Wood Furniture. In natural finish, the texture of wood is clearly visible. This finish is very light so that the wood texture is clearly visible to our eyes. The natural finished solid wood furniture is more attractive and beautiful. If you want to get idea how natural finish products look like, than you can check the below products.

You can view Leeva Coffee Table to view more images of the product and other information regarding the product.

2. Honey Color Finish

Honey color finish is slightly darker than natural color finish. This finish is slightly yellowish in color and the wooden texture is clearly visible to eyes. In this color finish, We try to match the tone of the wood patches with the white part of the wood. This type of finish is recommended if you're purchasing regular use furniture like chairs, tables.

You can view Ajax Coffee Table to view more images of the product and other information regarding the product.

3. Walnut Color Finish

This type of color finish is the darker color finish. Walnut color is just like the brownish darker color of a chocolate. If you want to purchase any furniture for the room in which large amount of natural light or sunlight comes, than this furniture finish is recommended for you. This finish is suitable for the furniture products like sideboard, chest of drawers etc.

You can view stupa console table to view product images and other information of the product.
We hope you like this solid wood finish color guide for purchasing solid wood furniture online. If you have any questions or queries, please comment below this blog posts so that we can guide you further.
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