Guidelines to Buy Sofa

Guidelines to Buy Sofa

Guidelines to Buy Sofa

At Lakkadhaara Furniture’s, we know how hard it can be to decide where to buy a sofa. Our Guidelines to Buy Sofa will introduce you to our effortlessly stylish new sofa collection so you can look no further. Featuring some ravishing pieces with useful buying tips along the way, this guide has everything you will need to know so that you can shop with ease.


Theseus Chesterfield Corner Sofa 

When thinking about where to buy a sofa, it can sometimes prove to be a tricky task. Moreover, when making that all-important decision, there are a lot of factors that come into play. This guideline is going to take you through all of the elements to consider when searching for your new showpiece. We hope that this guideline to buy sofa will help you from the buying to the styling of your new sofa!

Searching for Your Perfect Match

Solid Wood Sofa Set

Theseus Chesterfield Sofa

Sofas are not just about comfort, many things come into play when thinking about where to buy a sofa. A stunning sofa will become the hero piece of your interior when styled in the right setting. On top of this, as you start to look for which sofa is right for you, this is where you can really start to express your personal style. Mixing functionality with dazzling design, the Lakkadhaara Furniture’s Sofa Collection showcases a range of colors and fabrics to suit every home.


Quality Is Key

 When searching for your perfect match, quality is imperative for a long-lasting piece. Furthermore, you want something that will last for years to come, an investment that can be treasured within your home. Our sofa collection has been carefully crafted to ensure the utmost quality.

Made and manufactured in the INDIA, these upholstered sofas do not leave style behind when it comes to practicality. Moreover, you need that perfect sinking in feeling when you sit which is what each of our delightful shapes will provide. A harmonious pairing that you can count on, this bespoke range promises luxury and style all rolled into one.


Complimenting Your Style

 As the marvelous centerpiece of any space, your new sofa will set the tone for the rest of your interior. As such, you will need to consider your existing style in order to create a harmonious pairing with your décor. Think about what feeling you want to portray with in a room. Are you looking for a unique show-stopper to steal the show or a plush piece that exudes a calming attraction?

With the importance of stylish seating at the forefront, we understand the power of a statement sofa. For this reason, our new collection has been designed to seamlessly uplift any interior style. When thinking about which sofa you are going for, remember to visualize it in your space.

Deciding On A Color

When looking for where to buy a sofa, color choices are so important. You will want to choose a colorway that you adore and can pair with the existing palette in your space. In addition to this, choosing the right color for you is all down to personal preference. How does a certain color make you feel and how does it affect the rest of your décor? The Lakkadhaara Furniture’s Bespoke Collection reveals some fabulous colors that command attention and encapsulate a sophisticated charm.


Whether you want to create a striking look or the feeling of tranquility, our new collection has a color for every mood. From peaceful neutrals to playful pastels and marvelous modern tones, the colorways have been chosen to add character to any scheme. Moreover, a daring color is a brilliant way to make your scheme come together. On top of this, with such an array of divine hues, it would be rude not to experiments with color!


Finding A Shape for Your Space

 Urban Dew Corner Sofa 

Now, time to discuss the all-important sofa shape! If you are thinking about where to buy a sofa, the shape and style are what you will see first. This section will outline what sofa shape to look for depending on how you will use your sofa. Above all, we want to ensure that when your sofa arrives, it is just what you need for your space!


The Practicality Factor

 Something that you don’t want to forget about, the practicality factor. When finding that perfect sofa that does it all, you need to ensure that everything has been thought about.

 Firstly, you must measure the space that you plan to style your sofa. This includes doorways, entryways and access routes to the room. As well as the sofa fitting through the door, remember to consider how much space it will take up in your chosen room.

Secondly, what material is going to be suitable for you? Our collection offers Kantha Fabric, Velvet, Cord, Bottega Boucles, Velcro. Easy cleaning is also so important when it comes to a long lasting and functional sofa. Promising practicality, our collection uses fabrics to ensure a fuss- free way of cleaning. The velvet especially, this material has a super stain guard finish to repel harsh stains on the surface.


Sofa Functions

Before investing in a splendid and expensive sofa, you must think about what you are going to use it for. From designs for showcasing in a hallway to styles for social living spaces, our sofas are perfect for every purpose. The first question you must ask is what will the main purpose of your sofa be?


A must-have for family fil nights and evenings of entertaining friends, the Coventry Corner Sofa is ideal for socializing. A classic design that won’t disappoint, the gorgeous range is a magnificent all-rounder that will tick every box. This most glamorous showpiece for snuggling up with a special someone. Ideal for smaller spaces or curating a dazzling style spot, these loveseats can be displayed with delight in any room.

Megara Corner Sofa 



Top tips:

  • Shop our Sofa Collection for glorious color choices.
  • Use your sofa as the focal point and add in hints of color based around your sofa.
  • Think about what colors you enjoy, which tones bring happy emotions and what shade will invite you into your sofa space.
  • One can buy Center Table with our Sofa collection.
  • Customization is always available in every kind as per your need. Feel free to be in contact with our team.
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