Lakkadhaara: Carving New Face Of Furniture In The Field Of E-Commerce

Carving New Face Of Furniture In The Field Of E-Commerce

Embodying the spirit of Indian artistic work of WOOD and harmonizing contemporary with traditional style, we at Lakkadhaara started with a vision-to make our living as well as working spaces beautiful. With the notion of exceptional designs, rich, luxurious and yet comfortable trends with supreme quality, we started with a unique business model in furniture industry to attract an array of lifestyle seeking customers.

The popularity of traditional furniture has strengthened the demand for wood in the manufacturing of furniture in India and where can you find more ethnicity than this very cultural land of Rajasthan. All our products are exclusively crafted by skilled Woodworkers.

Lakkadhaara holds the vision of building a sustainable, long term business and ensuring customers being the centre of each and every action that we perform. We aspire to imagine a different reality by rejuvenating empty rooms with our intricate and detailed designs.

We set out to be different and being preferred because we only deal with premium and seasoned quality Solid Wood (Sheesham/Rose wood, Teak, Mango Wood, Acacia) and hence promising strong, sturdy and quality fulfilled construction. From artistically and passionately crafted royal ‘Pidhas’ to dazzling rocking chairs, we offer everything at feasible rates because our products will reach out to you right from our skillful artisans to your place with zero-involvement of any third-parties. The key differentiator between Lakkadhaara and others is that we do care and take into prime consideration our customer’s convenience from manufacturing till assembling.

We do work with Solid Wood only because of its exceptional features like durability, longevity and for being the best carving alternative. The natural grain structure of solid wood adds a premium look to our furniture. We at Lakkadhaara do believe in giving variety to our customers, as variety is the very spice of life and unlike other woods, Solid wood has different varieties and each variety comes with different shade colour. Our honesty, integrity & efficiency towards customer service help us to build long term sustainable business.

Our online furniture range includes Traditional FunitureChairs, Beds, Tables, CabinetsSofa and a lot more…

Decorating the golden rule of living with what you love Lakkadhaara is all set for coming soon at your doorstep. Behold because Something NEW is on its Way!

Article by : Pragati Agarwal

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