Why the Biggest "Myths" About Climate Changes Affecting Furniture Industries May Actually Be Right

The biggest global problem, climate change, endangers our bionomics, economics, and society through a variety of effects. Available studies demonstrate that Rajasthan's climate change goes beyond the area's normal climatic variability. According to experts, Rajasthan is located in an area with the highest climate sensitivity, largest risk, and lowest capacity for adaptation. Rajasthan has been classified as one of India's four most susceptible states, according to the State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC).



Between Fatehpur Shekhawati and Churu, the state's coldest and hottest regions, is where LAKKADHAARA is located in Ramgarh Shekhawati, one of Rajasthan's climate-challenging regions. in harsh weather conditions such rainy summers, autumns, springs, and winters. The LAKKADHAARA team takes care of its goods and is entirely committed to delivering the highest-quality goods so that their customers are completely satisfied. One of the major issues facing many businesses now is environmental change, which is a result of the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on the world's supply chains. Chaos has resulted from the sudden and abrupt rise in demand, which has caused delays and a lack of time.

Therefore, if you want to receive the custom wood products, you ordered for which we hope to entrust on the manufacturer and the manufacturing team.

Let’s pounder the topic in the following lines;

Many people might think that a company that manages many different materials is more trustworthy and reliable, as it has developed competency in more than a single sector.

Considering how difficult wood is to process, however, it seems impossible to be able to manage the wood and other raw materials with the same precision and quality. It is seasoned for a sustainable time period to dry it and make it usable for article mass-production.


Let’s examine the following: 

Wood is a natural material, so it breathes and changes constantly; it means that the wood maker must know its precise tolerances and needs the right machinery to manage it accurately, avoiding deviation and breakage of the final product. If you create objects, such as wooden stocks or caps for packaging, you especially need great pinpoint accuracy to create perfect products that respond to customers’ needs and requirements.

Each wood essence is different, with its own characteristics and features that must be considered to create specific wooden objects. You can’t use the same type of wood and the same finish to create toothbrushes, chopping boards, or outdoor knives. These objects have different purposes and are going to be used in different environments, so the wood maker must be able to advise about the best type of wood and finish to apply to make them durable and resistant.

One other advantage of wooden furniture over its competitors is its durability, suitable weight and complete safety. Its robust quality makes it a suitable material for anyone looking for the longevity of the furniture. Its inherent property of stability, reliability and durability makes the wooden furniture straightforward to maintain and, therewith, creates the customised article, or the wood purchased a great value for money.  

The effect of the rainy season upon the wood;
In the rainy season the wood gets wet and results Shrinkage and Swelling problems.


Problems Caused by Shrinkage and Swelling

Some of the problems related to the shrinking of wood are commonly visual. Of particular significance, shrinking of wood causes joints to open and mating parts to fix together poorly. This is a serious problem with miter joints in case doors, which check an especially poor appearance when they do not fix together properly. It is also an ordinary problem and is particularly unacceptable in corner miter joints on tables as they are so easily seen. Improper humidity content is also responsible for many gluing and puffing of finish problems, both with respect to initial gluing of the wood and also with respect to the growth of inner stresses in glued parts which result.

When wood is Swelling of the raised panel caused the joints of the frame to fracture. Unsightly splits develop in the ends of the product when the end grain dries too rapidly. When wood shrinks, holes, miter joints become elliptical. Dowel changes shape according to grain direction. Shrinking can cause corner blocks to fix poorly. When a particleboard core swells, it can cause a solid wood band to split. Nail, screw, and staple loose resulting from shrinking wood.


The effect of the winter season upon the wood;

When any work is done with wood to make furniture such as carving, and all any other types of woodworking stuff, we always wonder how weather affects the woods especially when it is cold. No, Wood does not expand in cold. But wood shrinks in cold. All the wood types on earth follow the same rule, expand when heat and shrink/collapse when cold. Wood shrinks in cold due to the moisture content difference between the atmosphere and the wood itself, not because of temperature variations.

It is just a quick answer of the question. There is a lot more to know about how cold affects wood, expansion of wood in winter, what happens to the wood when gets wet, what are some common things that we could expect when the wood in cold. Also, how to deal with wood expansion. So, in the articles, we’ll dig into all of them and try to find answers with our experiences. Cold temperatures are not bad for your furniture only if they don’t face constant temperature fluctuations from hot to really cold. If you live in an area which doesn’t have rapid change from extreme cold to extreme hot weather conditions during the period of the year, you don’t have to worry about wooden furniture. But if your wooden furniture faces constant temperature fluctuations, sorry to say Cold weather conditions are particularly bad for wooden furniture only if you are not careful. As with every other material wood also expand when heated and shrinks when cooled. Constant temperature fluctuations can damage wood because of expansions and contractions. After several expansions and contractions, the wood will start warping which can cause more trouble.


You don’t need to be even a little bit worried about your product at all because LAKKADHAARA uses high quality finishing coat of melamine, which is very protective and makes your article long lasting and gives sustainable gloss and shine.

The effect of the summer season upon the wood;

You may have wondered, now that the summer heat is well underway, how these hot rays may be affecting the wood. This is a common question because the sun affects many things, and when it is left outside, or if the wood is left outdoors, the rays may cause damage, such as fading the original color.

Here are some tips to help protect the wood from damage from heat:

Furniture, including paintings, will expand and contract according to changes in temperature and humidity. You may even notice surface distortions and flaking paint on your artwork. Also, high humidity can bring on condensation and in turn, mould, which can lead to staining and decay.

For your furniture, as humidity rises in the summer, the wood absorbs moisture and squeezes again and resulting cracks in wood. This contraction and expansion can lead to chips or flaking of your wooden furniture. When all our best efforts fail, and we start noticing a change in the wooden furniture.

In extreme cases, bitter cold prevents drying altogether while heat has the opposite effect. When the temperature is hot, the surface of the paint can skin over before the lower layers have a chance to dry. alternatively, when the products applied in excessively hot temperatures dry too quickly, they can often develop bumps, blisters, puffs and other imperfections, such as lifting, cracking, or discolouration.

Lower temperatures can also cause issues. It is also important that air temperatures don’t drop below freezing the first night after paint has been applied, since curing paint can still contain moisture that will crystallise in sub-freezing temperatures not only should temperatures be above 7°C when the finish is applied, thereupon, LAKKADHAARA uses high quality finishing coat of melamine, which is very protective and makes your article long lasting and gives sustainable gloss and shine but products should remain that way for at least 10 to 12 hours for final coat to dry properly for glossy chic look. 

In Rajasthan we also undergo from the usual attacking sandstorm which is very hazardous for finishing work in Summer Season.

Let us have a look of the treacherous sandstorm;

Dry and hot winds known as “Loo”, below in the afternoon, and very often, they continue to well in the midnight. Dust storm in evening are very common in May for south-eastern areas and in June for north-western part of the state. The average annual number of thunder storm in west and East Rajasthan are 17.0 and 15.0.as per assessment of National institute of Wind energy (NIWE), MNRE, Government of India - the wind energy potential in the State is estimated to be about 1,27,750 MW at 120-meter hub height.


LAKKADHAARA also maintains co - existing bond with environment too. There are some who carry the responsibility of the planet on their shoulders. Recycling, Upcycling and refusing to throw away a perfectly good planet. Similar to our commitment to sustainability and the responsible use of resources such as wood.

As we carry the furniture and its art around, it carries us further. Like we take the furniture of supply chain management and turn Smoothly and beautifully harmonising it into a fine art. Sometime a scene of safety is the most precious thing we carry with us for the article. With us you know your dreams and ambitions are in safe hands.

A note or an update from our side. For us it is what our proof of delivery carries. It holds evidence of the fulfilment of our promise to deliver you the best ever quality product. Because we carry the weight of trust of our customers.

As it is considered that the children are our hope for future. We carry the dreams of the next generation with our antique and chic products as your valuable gift and good memories with them our manufacturer carries the greatest hardship with ease.



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