The Tuffel solid sheesham wood hanging bookcase: a column that you can arrange as you wish thanks to the lockers that you slide into the large niches of your choice! We love its authenticity, the richness of its flamboyant colors and its very modern design.

If the books are naturally displayed in the niches, the objects that you don't like to see lying around in the living room cleverly slip into the locker drawers. Note the suspended installation to lighten the line and not take up space on the ground, the very trendy wood grain and the beautiful sobriety of the whole.

Primary Material Sheesham Wood
Finish Natural Finish
Dimensions (CMS) H 150 x W 35 x D 30 cm
Drawer Dimension H 23.5 x W 26 x D 25.5 cm
Drawer Niches H 26.5 x W 30 x D 29 cm
Re-Assembly Possible No
Est. Shipping 4-6 Weeks
Package Contains One Tuffel Wall Rack
Care Care & Instructions

By following these easy care instructions, you can keep your Solid wood furniture and décor looking new for years to come. Wood furniture and decor will last for generations with proper care.

  • Try and use a table cloth or any thick quality cloth on your dining table or any other table which is subject to daily and heavy use. 
  • Cleaning your furniture items regularly will help you maintain them for a long time, make sure that you clean your furniture gently with a soft lightly depth cloth; using a rough rage and pressing it hard against the wood might lead to minor scratches.
  • Avoid placing items like burning candles or iron on any furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture in the long run, make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture.


Light & Heat

Always protect your Solid wood furniture and décor from direct sunlight and exposure to temperature variations. To protect your furniture from fading, avoid keeping your furniture next to windows and other places where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.



Solid wood furniture and/or décor should not be exposed to extreme humidity changes. Moisture may cause the wood to expand and contract, which can result in cracking.



In order to prevent staining and warping of your Solid wood furniture, always use mats and coasters when placing any food or beverage item on the furniture. Do not place any hot item on the furniture directly. If liquid spills over it, immediately wipe it with a sponge or towel.



Avoid chemicals contact with the furniture as it may harm the natural finish and further the durability. Also, make sure to avoid application of polyurethane paints on the furniture.

Scratches And Burn Remedy

Scratches, burns, residue and any other surface damage can be taken of with fine-grit sandpaper. Reapply mineral oil after sanding.

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